Secure Software Development

At West Wings Technology, we specialize in developing standardized and qualitative applications using advanced technologies. With cost-friendly and well-documented secured code, we strive with the high performance in support of long-standing proficiency of your application. Nowadays, online retail stores are good places for business as well as for marketing, funding, accounting and educational purposes. We ensure that our highly skilled team of developers will bring your creative ideas into your life by building up the world-class applications. Also our enterprise level security features will ensure that every application is secure and protected from the various cyber attacks which will stop the hackers entering into the application and accessing the user’s confidential data.


West Wings Technology team offers a Secure Software Development Life Cycle (Secure SDLC) guidance and consulting, as well as developer mentoring and Ad-Hoc security review during the code implementation phase. These services help avoid expensive redesign and patchwork coding efforts associated with non-secure design and systemic code implementation flaws which are often discovered too late in the development life Cycle. Early detection of application vulnerabilities and prevention is far more secure and cost effective than implementing post- production security fixes.