Malware Analysis

Malware issues are getting common in our computer security now a days. Malware analysis is a process of examine the outcome of a malware test such as unpacking the malware, performing strings search, scanning with anti-virus applications. Malwares consist a variety of types include virus, torjans, adwares, backdoors, spywares. We provide both static and dynamic malware analysis in which we will use the different techniques to analyze the general behavior such as file system analysis, network traffic analysis and more windows features including running services and processes which will help you know that how a malware can precariously effect a windows operating system. As part of our Malware Code Analysis service, our security experts provide you with a brief technical document outlining the results of their analysis. Our experts will offer an opinion on the malware code’s potential impact to your organization, and its effect on your networks, systems and information assets. Most importantly, our experts will detail recommendations for malware removal and recovery activities.