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Protecting Your IT Infrastructure

It is critical that your company has a comprehensive and responsive data recovery solution to protect your IT infrastructure. Most companies rely heavily on their IT infrastructure, which is why properly managed services and backup recovery is crucial. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is exemplary at safeguarding your business’s critical data, your intellectual property, and your valuable customer information. Your IT infrastructure should be completely backed up, which will ensure restoration of critical applications and services when you need it most. Partnering with the right IT firm is key when disaster strikes.

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plans

West Wings Technology provides a flexible portfolio of physical, virtual and cloud-based disaster recovery plans. Our disaster recovery plans aim at cutting costs and reducing risk so businesses can focus on their own success. We offer enterprise-class business continuity plans for businesses of all size. Mitigate risk and safeguard your vital data with tested, proven and managed disaster recovery solutions offered by West Wings Technology. We thrive to meet challenging parameters of RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) and RTO (Recovery Time objectives) to ensure business continuity.

We offer flexible and customizable data recovery solutions. West Wings Technology offer a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-based data recovery solution to SMBs and large scale enterprises according to their operational and security needs. Our teams of experts discern top risks, prioritize recovery targets and deploy exclusive recovery plans.

Our plans include many of the following features:

  • Physical, virtual and cloud-based disaster recovery systems
  • Public, private and managed cloud platforms
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Data securing services and solutions
  • Online Vaulting and Archiving
  • Managed networking
  • 24/7 local staff support

Our teams of experts are available 24/7, along with our comprehensive technology platform to ensure the safety of your business data and resources. When it comes to recovery contact the West Wings Technology Team for all of your needs!

Our Backup Disaster Recovery will help you succeed. Let’s get started