Result-Driven iOS App Development Services

Building High Performing and Scalable iOS Mobile Apps

West Wings Technology is a full-service iOS app development company providing end-to-end services from concept to distribution. We can transform your idea into a user-friendly mobile app by building high-performance, secure, and scalable iOS mobile app as per the requirements

Our Comprehensive iOS App Development Services

  • Custom iOS App Development

    We are adept at building custom iOS apps that meet clients’ needs and packed with modern features. You can share your app idea and we will turn it into a secure, scalable, and robust iOS app. Having expertise in varied iOS technologies, our developers craft bespoke apps for varied business verticals.

  • Native iOS App Development

    Our developers have an in-depth understanding of native iOS technologies like Swift, Objective-C, C++, Cocoa Touch UI, etc and they can create high-end platform-specific apps. We create native mobile apps for iOS that are interactive, intuitive, and user-friendly. Your app will have a consistent look across different iOS devices.

  • iOS App Upgrade

    With a full-scale knowledge of the iOS ecosystem, we can provide a hassle-free iOS App Upgrade service. We upgrade your app to the latest iOS platform and make sure that the app is compatible with the newest Apple devices. We ensure that your app meets the required trends in technology.

  • Hybrid iOS App Development

    We craft cutting-edge hybrid iOS apps that will work consistently on different mobile platforms. Our developers make the best use of frameworks like Flutter, Sencha Touch, React Native, Ionic, PhoneGap, etc to develop fully-functional hybrid apps. We integrate user-friendly app features that are optimized for varied mobile platforms.

  • iOS App UI/UX Designing

    Our UI/UX designers create beautiful and awe-inspiring app designs that add charm to your iOS mobile app. Our experts not only focus on creating a simple UI but they also ensure an enthralling UX. We design iOS apps that catch everyone’s attention while keeping the performance & functionality at its best.

  • iOS App Testing/Portability

    Our experienced iOS developers can port your iOS app to different Apple devices. Using the best portability approach, they ensure the smooth and quick portability of your application. We perform thorough tests on every iOS app to ensure the best quality, performance, and full compatibility with different iOS devices.

Why Work With West Wings Technology?

Our developers have complete expertise in iOS app development with years of experience. Having in-depth knowledge of iOS technologies, we are adept at creating high-end native and cross-platform applications.

  • Security

    Our iOS development service is completely secure and reliable. We create an iOS app with robust security features ensuring that the users’ private information will remain completely secure from threats like malware and hacking attempts.

  • Agile Process

    All our iOS development chores are completed through a custom agile process which enables us to work swiftly while minimizing risks and maximizing our velocity. The development process we use also promotes higher work transparency.

  • Specialized Developers

    Experienced iOS developers who are highly specialized in the relevant technologies are designated to your project. They comprehend your needs and add any functionality as per your requirements to develop a feature-rich app.

  • Best UI/UX

    We create iOS apps that have appealing UI/UX offering a gracious look and feel. The app is adorned with attractive typefaces, shapes, colors, and layout along with easy menus, buttons, and boxes. Our developers craft a beautiful UI/UX for your app.

  • Scalable Apps

    We build iOS mobile applications that will grow with the expansion of your business. With minimum efforts, your app can be upgraded with any feature. Our scalable iOS apps make it easy to upgrade to new features as per your business needs.

  • High-performances

    When you choose us as your technology partner, we ensure to build a high-performance solution for you. We develop an iOS app that doesn’t crash or freeze and work at the lightening speed. We perform stringent tests to ensure the quality & performance of the app.

  • App Store Deployment

    We take care of the entire deployment process to the App Store. The whole App Store submission process including assets, descriptions, listing, and more is handled by our iOS team. You don’t need to worry about the process.

  • Support & Maintenance

    We provide quality support & maintenance service to help you keep your application on top of the platform upgrades and app updates. When you find any technical glitch, we are here to help resolve those issues.

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Advanced App Features We Can Integrate


Use these technologies to build apps that exchange information swiftly.


Our developers can integrate these features to enhance app usability.


We can integrate high-end location-based or navigational features.

Integration of AR/VR/IoT

We can build smart apps laced with technologies like AR, VR, & IoT.


Our Technological Proficiency

iOS Development Frameworks

We utilize frameworks like Cocoa Touch, Sencha, Titanium, PhoneGap, etc.

ORM’s & Databases

Our developers have experience in working with varied databases & ORMs.


Our developers are highly proficient in using the Xcode development environment.

Programming Technologies

We are skilled in varied iOS programming languages: Swift, Objective-C, & C++.