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Top ten most popular FAQs

To what extent has West Wings Technology been into web and application development?

West Wings Technology has been building websites from over 01 years (from the time it was established in 2023).

With whom will I work during my undertaking?

Extraordinary inquiry! Generally, there is a task director, who stays single purpose of contact all through the venture. What’s more, we have a crew of fashioners, engineers, duplicate authors, and quality examiners. With whom you will work, it thoroughly relies upon your venture necessities (for example, in the event that you are to just structure your site, at that point aside from UI/UX creators, other group individuals won’t be in your group).

What amount of installment must be stored for beginning the venture?

There is a 50:50 installment proportion, which implies you have to pay half before beginning the undertaking and half on its finish. For longer project milestones, we have adaptable approach to pay in plans.

What sort of organizations do West Wings Technology work with?

We work with various sorts of firms (new businesses, charities, medium-sized and enterprise level corporations). We serve diverse business industries, including beauty, technology, health, travel, finance, food, medical, apparel, etc.

Over these years, we have helped the entrepreneurs improve their client assistance, better promoting of their administrations and items and procure more clients. Our staff gives adequate time to know the customer’s business, and their rivals to achieve all the ideal objectives.

Do you offer service to write content for my website?

Yes, we provide copy writing services and we also create your sitemap. We also aid you to structure the planning stages of your website.

How many revisions can I make to my website design?

We trust in settling on educated choice, while building a web architecture. Along these lines, we inquire about with respect to your market, your crowd and your rivals ahead of time, before setting up the mockups.

When you concur upon the mockups, we start the real site building. Now, you are allowed to make 1 significant amendment in the structure. You can proceed with the little increments and changes as far as creating the general site structure.

In the event that, you recommend too many plan changes or you change your prior solicitation, you have to cause extra charges as per the degree.

I am entirely new to the website development. How does the entire process work?

Don’t worry! Our account manager will provide you an overview of the website development and its process, rest you will be updated with the time eventually.

Can you help me in updating my existing website that is built by another service provider?

Yes it is possible for us. But, we have some policies regarding this, whether we will adopt some steps from scratch or we will not be liable for some codes as it is touched by diverse programmers.

Will I own my the rights of my website?

You 100% own everything that our team builds. Some of our clients stay longer with us due to our smooth work culture. In case, you want to take your website, we assist you in the transition completely.

Which type of currency do you work with?

We accept all pricing in United States Dollar (USD).

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